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37 years of family medicine specializing in palliative care and medical ethics

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Support Dr. Davis & Save SMH

Prefer to donate by check? Make your check payable to "Elect George Davis" On a separate document, print your name, address, employer, and occupation and mail it along with the check to:

George Davis for Hospital Board
P.O. Box 845
Venice, Fl  34284 

Protect Sarasota Memorial

Sarasota Memorial Hospital is a renowned healthcare facility with a team of skilled professionals and state-of-the-art facilities. Patients expect compassionate and personalized care in a safe environment, and we must protect this legacy we have built.


George Davis, M.D

Dr. George Davis, a Venice resident for the last 7 years, practiced family medicine in New York State for 37 years and became a specialist in palliative care and medical ethics. He received a bachelor's degree from Harvard University and his medical degree from Columbia University. He received a master's degree in bioethics from Union College in association with Albany Medical Center.

During those years of practice, Dr. Davis served as vice-chair on the local Columbia Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees, chaired the board's quality improvement committee, was elected to two terms as president of the medical staff, chaired the hospital ethics committee, was a hospice medical director, and is now a volunteer with Tidewell-Empath Hospice in Venice.

Currently, he is a palliative care consultant for families in crisis over the care of a loved one with advanced illness. As an ethicist and grief counselor, he helps families find new hope in realistic, honest care plans. 

Locally, Dr. Davis served on the City of Venice Environmental Advisory Board and became its chair. He recently was a community member of the Ethics Committee at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. 

He is passionate about the importance of primary care. Sarasota Memorial Hospital Health System has an extensive primary care network. Its role in coordinating patient care needs more funding and resources that increase the depth of the doctor-patient relationship.


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Sarasota County Deserves:

Through science a state-of-the-art Sarasota Memorial Hospital system 

A hospital system that supports and recognizes nurses and medical staff

A board that appreciates and promotes the art of caring for a patient in all areas of the health system.

Mailing Address:

Elect George Davis

PO Box 845, Venice, FL 34284

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